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Teledemocracy by Ytterstad, Akselsen, Svendsen, and Watson

Document revisions (history)

Spring and Summer 1995

Document prepared for publication on the Web.

October 1995

Document sent to review for publication in MISQ Discovery

January 1996

Document supplemented with additional images, reviewed by a politician and demonstration software (zip-files) added.

May-August 1996

Major revision to incorporate changes suggested by reviewers and implement MIS Quarterly Discovery interface standards

March 27th, 1997

Bulletin board closed


We did not add this revision history until the end of the project. Consequently, our revision dates and actions are imprecise. Prospective MISQ Discovery authors are reminded that they should keep precise records of their revisions if the document revision history is to be precise.

We also learned that it is important to get permissions as the study proceeds, rather than wait until the end. It took a lot of work to track down the photographer.

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