Senior Editor Emeritus: Manju Ahuja

University of Louisville

Term: January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2017
No longer accepting new submissions.

Research Interests:

I am a behavioral researcher with an interest in social and psychological issues surrounding Information Systems use and impacts. My key research interests are

  • IT-mediated work at individual, team, and community levels: Here, I find myself intrigued by the manner in which advanced information and communication technologies have extended the organizations and teams beyond physical and geographical boundaries, and thereby transformed the manner in which work is performed. Therefore, I focus on research related to understanding how individuals, teams and organizations can most effectively utilize IT under conditions of virtuality.
  • Human resource management of information technology professionals: I have been interested in studying management of human resources issues in information technology, including gender. Most recently, I have been focused on work-life balance and well-being issues related to IT use.

Methodological Interests:

I primarily utilize positivistic and social network methodologies. I have conducted field studies as well as lab experiments, utilizing social network analysis, surveys, and interviews. While I am most comfortable with the quantitative analytical models, I sometimes use qualitative analysis to better understand qualitative findings.