*SIM Competition Paper:* An Approach to Structured MIS Development

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Toward the beginning of 1980, PRD Electronics began developing a Management Information System (MIS) which would monitor the test activity at an Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Station. This article describes the implementation of a novel MIS development strategy and explains the circumstances that influenced the decision to prepare a user’s manual at the beginning of the system development cycle rather than at the end. This article further describes the management strategy of creating a Systems Engineering Department to exercise centralized project control and emphasizes how the generation of Activity Description Charts, and Hierarchy plus Input-Processed-Output (HIPO) documentation during system development affects the productivity of project personnel by: (a) clearly understanding their individual responsibilities, and (b) knowing the relationship of their work to the overall project development goals.

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Author Ashok Shenolikar
Year 1981
Volume 5
Issue 4
Keywords Automatic Test Equipment, Unit Under Test, Hybrid Test System, weapon system assemblies, Maintenance Management Information System, Hierarchy plus Input-Process-Output, programmer productivity, user’s manual, system definition, user acceptance, user satis
Page Numbers 19-33