An Information Systems Keyword Classification Scheme

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Information systems researchers, while helping others build better information systems, have done little in supporting their own information needs. The large amount of knowledge accumulated in IS today has created a situation where the researcher needs some sort of organizing mechanism to map the IS territory and relate its different components. A keyword classification scheme performs such a task through its content descriptors, systematically listed to show their relationships. This paper proposes a keyword classification scheme for IS. The scheme contains over 1,100 keywords and consists of nine top-level categories (reference disciplines, external environment, technological environment, organizational environment, IS management, IS development and operations, IS usage, information systems, and IS education and research), each of which is divided into subcategories.

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Author Henri Barki, Suzanne Rivard, and Jean Talbot
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 2
Keywords Information search and retrieval, IS research frameworks, diffusion of IS research, IS literature
Page Numbers 299-322