Associate Editor: Ofer Arazy

Haifa University

Term: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2021

Research Background and Interests:

My research interests and expertise broadly pertain to behavioral issues related to information system. I have engaged in design science research and have employed a variety of methods and theoretical perspectives in my work.

Specific projects have focused on:

  • Online production communities:
    • Contributors’ motivation and their participation trajectories
    • Governance (i.e. coordination, task allocation, conflict resolution) of peer-production
    • Artifacts’ evolution through re-combination
  • Knowledge sharing and hiding:
    • Motivational dynamics underlying sharing and hiding behaviors
    • Role of IT – and particularly, social media – in facilitating knowledge sharing
  • Human-Computer interaction:
    • Technology-mediated group interaction (aka computer-supported cooperative work)
    • Social behavior in augmented reality

Methodological Interests:
I am open to most research methods. In my own research, I often employ mathematical modelling techniques in analyzing systems’ log data. I have also used survey and content analysis methods.

  • Personal style and tendency in reviewing:
    • I care a lot about the relevance of research and appreciate work that addresses important business and societal issues.
    • I value research that crosses disciplinary boundaries and makes the connections to relevant work in neighboring fields.
    • I have appreciation for research that opens the “black box” of IT and incorporates systems’ affordances into the theorizing.