Senior Editor: Susan Brown

University of Arizona

Term: January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2018 — No longer accepting new manuscripts
Reviewer of the Year, 2001

Research Interests

My research would tend to be classified as behavioral, although I have been involved (and have an interest) in theory-driven design research. In terms of research topics, the two overarching streams that I have investigated in the past and those that I am currently studying focus on:

1. The factors and processes influencing individual technology adoption and use.
Within this stream of research, I have focused on technology adoption and use in organizations and households. In addition, I am introduced in how the technology introduction process unfolds and how it ultimately influences adoption and use. Finally, I am interested in the role that expectations play in technology adoption, use, and implementation.

2. The individual and organizational outcomes of information technology use.
My research in this area is concerned with what happens to individuals and organizations when they use information technology, specifically systems to support knowledge transfer, learning, and communication. I am interested in how people experience mediated communication and how that influences learning and relationship development in virtual teams and organizations. I am also interested in the role of expectations and how perceptions are formed in mediated interactions. Finally, I am interested in issues surrounding virtual identity communication and perception.

Preferred Research Methods

I am open to any research method and, in fact, am quite fond of mixed-methods studies – but I do not expect nor believe that all papers should use mixed methods. In terms of my own experience, I have conducted longitudinal field studies, surveys, lab experiments, action research, and case studies.