Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Burton-Jones

University of Queensland

Term: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2023

Research Background and Interests:

I generally conducted behavioral, organizational, and design-science research in Information Systems. I also have a strong interest in theory building and conceptual work.

My own research has tended to focus on learning how to improve:

  • the effective use of information systems at different levels of analysis
  • the methods and practices used in information systems analysis and design
  • the role of governance in digital transformation

I am particularly interested in examining topics that are core to the IS field in contexts where they are implicated in significant contemporary issues in practice.

Methodological Interests:

I am open to any research method. I have often used experiments, surveys, and case studies, and I have some experience with the use of formal methods and action research. I am interested in theory-driven research, discovery-oriented research, and their combinations. I also have a strong interest in papers that extend our knowledge of research methods.


I do not have strong expertise in the following areas:

  • Some areas of continental philosophy and social theory (e.g., Bourdieu, ANT)
  • Game theory, econometrics, and advanced data mining
  • Industry and market-level studies (e.g., industry strategy)

Personal style and tendency in reviewing:

I strongly prefer papers that are well-refined prior to submission. If a paper is underdeveloped, I prefer to desk reject it rather than send it out for review. That is fairer to all concerned.

I especially like papers that advance our understanding of information systems (in whatever way we construe them) and their role in an important domain. I also like interdisciplinary papers that advance our understanding of phenomena that are core to some other discipline that also occur in an IS context (e.g., advancing our understanding of social, economic, or psychological processes that occur when people engage with IT). In these cases, I will sometimes include a reviewer from the other discipline to ensure that we contribute in an interdisciplinary manner.

Email: abj@business.uq.edu.au