Volume 45, Number 1 — March 2021

Special Issue: Next Generation IS Theories

The following “Provocation” pieces are included in “Examining Assumptions: Provocations on the Nature, Impact, and Implications of IS Theory”

Theories in Flux: Reimagining Theory Building in the Age of Machine Learning
Monica Chiarini Tremblay, Rajiv Kohli, and Nicole Forsgren (pp. 455-459)

Speculatively Engaging Future(s): Four Theses
Dirk S. Hovorka and Sandra Peter (pp. 461-466)

Scale Matters: Doing Practice-Based Studies of Contemporary Digital Phenomena
Michael Barrett and Wanda Orlikowski (pp. 467-472)

The Economics of IT and Digitization: Eight Questions for Research
Erik Brynjolfsson, Chong (Alex) Wang, and Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang (pp. 473-477)

Focusing on Programmatic High Impact Information Systems Research, Not Theory, to Address Grand Challenges
Sudha Ram and Paulo Goes (pp. 479-483)

Let’s Claim the Authority to Speak Out on the Ethics of Smart Information Systems
Bernd Carsten Stahl and M. Lynne Markus (pp. 485-488)

All Information Systems Theory I Grounded Theory
Natalia Levina (pp. 489-494)

Who Needs Theory?
John Leslie King (pp. 485-498)

Funding for this special issue was provided by the Theodore J. and Peggy L. Willoughby Monograph Series in MIS.