Sample Cover Letter/E-Mail

Dear Jennifer Syverson, MISQ Review Coordinator

I would like to submit the attached manuscript, “An Experimental Study of the E-Commerce/ERP Interface in a Retail Firm,” for consideration for possible publication in the Research Articles section of MIS Quarterly.

My two nominees for senior editor are Alan Dennis and Carol Saunders. I realize that Carol Saunders is the editor-in-chief, but I would like to take advantage of MIS Quarterly’s review policy that states that the editor-in-chief may serve as a senior editor in the review process.

My two nominees for associate editor are Jeff Smith and Vern Richardson. Dr. Smith is well versed in the topic of the paper, while Dr. Richardson has used a methodology in his own research that is related to the methodology in the paper being submitted.

Regarding the option of nominating up to four reviewers, my two nominees are:

Suzanne Ackoff
523 Clifford Hall
Englewood University
Newcastle, NJ 55555-3333, USA
phone: 555 555-5555
fax: 555 555-5556

Chi Ho Li
P.O. Box 5555
People’s University of Beijing
897, West Lake Road
Beijing, P.R. China
phone: 86 10 5555555
fax: 86 10 5555556

I am sure you are familiar with the work of Dr. Chi, but the work of Dr. Ackoff is less well known in information systems. Dr. Ackoff has published in the following psychology journals: … . In fact, her most recent article, “ … ,” uses the same methodology that I am trying to introduce to the IS research community with this paper.

The nominees for senior editor, associate editor, and reviewers have no conflict of interest with any of the authors of the paper being submitted.

This paper (or closely related research) has not been published or accepted for publication. It is not under consideration at another journal or at MIS Quarterly. An earlier version of this paper, entitled “XXXXXXX” was presented at ICIS. That paper has been modified to reflect the comments received at ICIS in 200X. The major revisions to the ICIS paper include …. No other papers using the same data set have been published. (NOTE: If other papers using the data set have been published, plesae indicate the differences between the submitted paper and the other published papers.)


Joe Scholar
Founder’s Hall, room 555
Northern State University
555 Barton Avenue
Freetown, NY 55555-5555
phone: 607 555-5555
fax: 607 555-5556