Volume 45, Number 1, March 2021

Editor’s Comments: Continuing and Extending the MIS Quarterly Trifecta Vision
Andrew Burton-Jones

Research Articles

Welfare Properties of Profit Maximizing Recommender Systems: Theory and Results from a Randomized Experiment
Xiaochen Zhang, Pedro Ferreira, Miguel Godinho de Matos, and Rodrigo Belo

Provisioning Interoperable Disaster Management Systems: Integrated, Unified, and Federated Approaches
Hong Guo, Yipeng Liu, and Barrie R. Nault

A Prescriptive Analytics Method for Cost Reduction in Clinical Decision Making
Xiao Fang, Yuanyuan Gao, and Paul Jen-Hwa Hu

Early Bird Versus Late Owl: An Empirical Investigation of Individual Shopping Time Habit and its Effects
Ziqiong Zhang, Zili Zhang, and Pei-yu Chen

Peer Effects in Competitive Environments: Field Experiments on Information Provision and Interventions
Zhuoxin Li, Gang Wang, and Harry Jiannan Wang

Commitment to IT Investment Plans: The Interplay of Real Earnings, Management, IT Decentralization, and Corporate Governance
Ling Xue, Sunil Mithas, and Gautam Ray

Do You Have a Room for Us in Your IT? An Economic Analysis of Shared IT Services and Implications for IT Industries
Min Chen, Min-Seok Pang, and Subodha Kumar

Theory & Review

From Representation to Mediation: A New Agenda for Conceptual Modeling Research in a Digital World
Jan Recker, Roman Lukyanenko, Mohammad Jabbari, Binny M. Samuel, and Arturo Castellanos

Special Issue: Next Generation IS Theories

Next-Generation Information Systems Theorizing: A Call to Action
Andrew Burton-Jones, Brian S. Butler, Susan V. Scott, and Sean Xin Xu

The Next Generation of Research on IS Use: A Theoretical Framework for Delegation to and from Agentic IS Artifacts
Aaron Baird and Likoebe M. Maruping

The CARE Theory of Dignity and Personal Data Digitalization
Dorothy E. Leidner and Olgerta Tona

Avoiding an Oppressive Future of Machine Learning: A Design Theory for Emancipatory Assistants
Gerald C. Kane, Amber G. Young, Ann Majchrzak, and Sam Ransbotham

Connecting the Parts with the Whole: Toward an Information Ecology Theory of Digital Innovation Ecosystems
Ping Wang

Everything Flows: Studying Continuous Socio-Technical Transformation in a Fluid and Dynamic Digital World
Reza Mousavi Baygi, Lucas D. Introna, and Lotta Hultin

Examining Assumptions: Provocations on the Nature, Impact, and Implications of IS Theory

Funding for this special issue was provided by the Theodore C. and Peggy L. Willoughby Monograph Series in Management Information Systems

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