Associate Editor: Sherae Daniel.

University of Cincinnatil

Term: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022

Research Interests

My research interests tend to be behavioral and center on how psychological factors drive collaboration and career success in people primarily using computer mediated communications in their pursuits. In particular, I like to think about to what degree and in what ways theories developed with a focus on face-to-face interactions apply in computer mediated contexts. At the center of my studies are typically open source software developers and I am interested in other contexts where these phenomena are salient. The level of analysis I prefer to think about include the individual and the group.

Methodological Approach

In terms of methodological approaches, I tend to focus on quantitative methods (including longitudinal models, social network models, moderation, mediation, polynomial regression, hierarchical linear regression and negative binomials). I am comfortable using both archival and survey data.

Reviewing Preferences

I prefer research that focuses on making theoretical contributions. In this way the work can be applied to a great variety of settings across time and beyond IS. I am not a suitable AE for methods papers or analytical modeling papers.