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Issues & Opinions

Research Commentaries

Methods Articles

Constructs and Indicators: An Ontological Analysis
Ron Weber

When Constructs Become Obsolete: A Systematic Approach to Evaluating and Updating Constructs for Information Systems Research
Deborah Compeau, John Correia, and Jason Bennett Thatcher

A Robust Inference Method for Decision Making in Networks
Aaron Schecter, Omid Nohadani, and Noshir Contractor

Research Articles

Reconfiguring for Agility: Examining the Performance Implications for Project Team Autonomy Through an Organizational Policy Experiment
Narayan Ramasubbu and Indranil R. Bardhan

Influence in Social Media: An Investigation of Tweets Spanning the 2011 Egyptian Social Movement
Srikanth Venkatesan, Rohit Valecha, Niam Yaraghi, Onook Oh, and H. Raghav Rao

Examining the Neural Basis of Information Security Policy Violations: A Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Approach
Ofir Turel, Qinghua He, and Yatong Wen

Who Forgoes Screening in Online Markets and Why? Evidence from Airbnb
Raveesh Mayya, Shun Ye, Siva Viswanathan, and Rajshree Agarwal

A Prescriptive Analytics Framework for Optimal Policy Deployment Using Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
Edward McFowland III, Sandeep Gangarapu, Ravi Bapna, and Tianshu Sun

Information Technology and Government Corruption in Developing Countries: Evidence from Ghana Customs
Atta Addo and Chrisanthi Avgerou

Turnback Intention: An Analysis of the Drivers of IT Professionals’ Intention to Return to a Former Employer
Christian Maier, Sven Laumer, Damien Joseph, Jens Mattke, and Tim Weitzel

Privacy Concerns and Data Sharing in the Internet of Things: Mixed Methods Evidence from Connected Cars
Patrick Cichy, Torsten Oliver Salge, and Rajiv Kohli

Algorithmic Management of Work on Online Labor Platforms: When Matching Meets Control
Mareike Möhlmann, Lior Zalmanson, Ola Henfridsson and Robert Wayne Gregory

Competing Tasks and Task Quality: An Empirical Study of Crowdsourcing Contests
Jiahui Mo, Sumit Sarkar, and Syam Menon

Leveraging Multisource Heterogeneous Data for Financial Risk Prediction: A Novel Hybrid-Strategy-Based Self-Adaptive Method
Gang Wang, Gang Chen, Huimin Zhao, Feng Zhang, Shanlin Yang, and Tian Lu

Reconciling the Paradoxical Findings of Choice Overload Through an Analytical Lens
Nan Zhang and Heng Xu

Can Positive Online Cues Always Reduce User Avoidance of Sponsored Research Results?
Honglin Deng, Weiquan Wang, Siyuan Li, and Kai H. Lim

Understanding Medication Nonadherence from Social Media: A Sentiment-Enriched Deep Learning Approach
Jiaheng Xie, Xiao Liu, Daniel Dajun Zeng, and Xiao Fang

Managing Collective Enterprise Information Systems Compliance: A Social and Performance Management Context Perspective
Jingmei Zhou, Yulin Fang, and Varun Grover

Free Riding in Products with Positive Network Externalities: Empirical Evidence from a Large Mobile Network
Rodrigo Belo and Pedro Ferreira

Crowdfunding for Microfinance Institutions: The New Hope?
Xuechen Luo, Ling Ge, and Chong (Alex) Wang

Designing Hybrid Mechanisms to Overcome Congestion in Sequential Dutch Auctions
Yixin Lu, Alok Gupta, Wolfgang Ketter, and Eric van Heck

Peer Privacy Concerns: Conceptualization and Measurement
Nan (Andy) Zhang, Chong (Alex) Wang, Elena Karahanna ,and Yan Xu

Impact of Customer Compensation Strategies on Outcomes and the Mediating Role of Justice Perceptions: A Longitudinal Study of Target’s Data Breach
Harmut Hoehle, Viswanath Venkatesh, Susan A. Brown, Bennett J. Tepper, and Thomas Kude

Novelty and the Structure of Design Landscapes: A Relational View of Online Innovation Communities
Harris Kyriakou, Jeffrey V. Nickerson, and Ann Majchrzak

Executive Functions and Information Systems Learning
Yulia W. Sullivan, Fred D. Davis, and Chang E. Koh

Linking Exploits from the Dark Web to Known Vulnerabilities for Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence: An Attention-Based Deep Structured Semantic Model
Sagar Samtani, Yidong Chai, and Hsinchun Chen

A Randomized Field Experiment to Explore the Impact of Herding Cues as Catalysts for Adoption
Yue (Katherine) Feng, Jennifer L. Claggett, Elena Karahanna, and Kar Yan Tam

New-Media Advertising and Retail Platform Openness
Jiangqing Chen and Zhiling Guo

The Role of Social Cues and Trust in Users’ Private Information Disclosure
Lior Zalmanson, Gal Oestreicher-Singer, and Yael Ecker

Reciprocity or Self-Interest? Leveraging Digital Social Connections for Healthy Behavior
Che-Wei Liu, Guodong (Gordon) Gao, and Ritu Agarwal

Social Capital Accumulation Through Social Media Networks: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment and Individual-Level Panel Data
Michael Weiler, Simon Stolz, Andreas Lanz, Christian Schlereth, and Oliver Hinz

Evaluating Information Technology Investments: Insights from Executives’ Trades
Taha Havakhor, Sanjiv Sabherwal, Rajiv Sabherwal, and Zachary R. Steelman

Digital Platform Ecosystem Dynamics: The Roles of Product Scope, Innovation, and Collaborative Network Centrality
He Li, Chen Zhang, and William J. Kettinger

The OPM Data Breach: An Investigation of Shared Emotional Reactions on Twitter
Eric Bachura, Rohit Valecha, Rui Chen, and H. Raghav Rao

Theory & Review

How Do Organizations Learn from Information System Incidents? A Synthesis of the Past, Present, and Future
Mohammad H. Rezazade Mehrizi, Davide Nicolini, and Joan Rodon Modol

Research Notes

An Empirical Examination of the Economics of Mobile Application Security
Pallab Sanyal, Nirup Menon, and Mikko Siponen

Online Product Reviews: Is a Finer-Grained Rating Scheme Superior to a Coarser One?
Murat M. Tunc, Huseyin Cavusoglu, and Srinivasan Raghunathan

Do Security Fear Appeals Work When They Interrupt Tasks? A Multi-Method Examination of Password Strength
Anthony Vance, David Eargle, Dennis Eggett, Detmar Straub, and Kirk Ouimet

Applying and Extending the Theory of Effective Use in a Business Intelligence Context
Van-Hau Trieu, Andrew Burton-Jones, Peter Green, and Sophie Cockcroft

Multifarious Roles and Conflicts on an Interorganizational Green IS
Dorothy E. Leidner, Juliana Sutanto, and Lazaros Goutas

How Information Contributed After an Idea Shapes New High-Quality Ideas in Online Ideation Contests
Aron Lindberg, Ann Majchrzak, and Arvind Malhotra

Cross-Lingual Cybersecurity Analytics in the International Dark Web with Adversarial Deep Representation Learning
Mohammadreza Ebrahimi, Yidong Chai, Sagar Samtani, and Hsinchun Chen

Product Reviews: A Benefit, a Burden, or a Trifle? How Seller Reputation Affects the Role of Product Reviews
Hongpeng Wang, Rong Du, Wenqi Shen, Liangfei Qiu, and Weiguo Fan

Enterprise Systems and the Likelihood of Horizontal, Vertical, and Conglomerate Mergers and Acquisitions
Chengxin Cao, Gautam Ray, Mani Subramani, and Alok Gupta