Senior Editor: Shuk Ying (Susanna) Ho

Australian National University

Term: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2023
Outstanding Associate Editor, 2017

Research Background and Interests

I am a behavioral and organizational researcher in information systems. My primary research interests are user interactions with IT artefacts in digital communications and the impact of user-centric technologies on organizational performance. Particularly, I am interested in exploring how user interactions with IT artefacts can influence users’ cognition and affect, generate additional business value, and/or create organizational and societal benefits.

In my own work, I use a wide range of cognitive psychology theories and social science theories to understand topics such as:

  • Personalization, recommenders and consumer ratings
  • Online communities and virtual teams
  • IT enabled online collaboration
  • Online games and gamification
  • Collective wisdom from social network users
  • E-learning and organizational IT training
  • Management of user-centric technologies for business and/or societal purposes.

In addition to my primary research interests, I welcome papers that are interdisciplinary and/or challenge prevailing theoretical paradigms from the perspective of IT artefact design.

Methodological Interests

My research spans levels of analysis (individuals and teams) and strives to explore dynamics over time and contexts. I use quantitative methods including lab experiments, field experiments, and surveys.

Although my own training is in quantitative research methods, I am also comfortable handling manuscripts employing qualitative research methods and mixed-methods approaches. My skill set does not include advanced forms of econometric modelling and simulation.