Associate Editor: Nina Huang

University of Houston

Term: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022

Reviewer of the Year, 2018

Research Background and Interests:

My research interests include understanding (a) individuals’ usage of information technology (IT) and digital artifacts, (b) the optimal design and © rigorous evaluation of those IT and digital artifacts to improve user experience, business value, and societal welfare. I appreciate research work that is theoretically grounded and also offers managerial implications.

Selective topics that I have experience with:

  • IT artifact design
  • Online education and knowledge exchange
  • Online matching platforms
  • Online healthcare
  • Future of work
  • Human-AI interaction
  • Social media analytics
  • Online and mobile commerce
  • Digital content platforms

Methodological Interests:

My methodological interests focus on combining traditional behavioral methods with new developments in field experiments, econometric analyses, and machine learning. I welcome papers that apply different research methods, separately or collectively, to advance our understanding of various IS phenomena.

Selective research methods that I have experience with:

  • Laboratory experiments
  • Field experiments
  • Quasi experiments
  • Econometric analyses
  • Machine learning applications
  • Mixed methods