Senior Editor: Atreyi Kankanhalli

National University of Singapore

Term: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2023

Research Interests

I am a behavioral researcher whose work mainly spans two streams of research: 1) online communities and digital collaboration, and 2) IT assimilation and innovation (including in healthcare and government sectors).

My first stream of research focuses on explaining online (including collaborative) behaviors within digital mediated teams and communities. As virtual teams and communities become more prevalent, they are changing the nature of work, commerce, social interactions and many other aspects of our lives. However, a key issue in these communities is to understand why people join and participate, thereby creating public goods (e.g., knowledge) to be shared by all, as well as private outcomes such as revenues for the individual or community owner. These communities may exist for a variety of purposes e.g., collaboration, commerce, and healthcare. Thus, my research takes steps towards understanding the underlying motivations behind participation of individuals in various forms of communities and the outcomes that result from such participation.

In my second stream of research on IT assimilation and innovation, I examine different forms of IT innovation. For instance, as the earlier approach of closed innovation is becoming less attractive for organizations, I explore the newer paradigm of open innovation through mechanisms such as crowdsourcing and open data. Additionally, I am interested in understanding the basis of IT innovation and assimilation in sectors such as healthcare and government.

Methodological Interests

I use mainly quantitative methods including experiments, surveys, and archival methods in my work. On occasion I have used qualitative methods i.e., positivist case studies, to complement my quantitative research. My skills do not include advanced forms of econometric modeling, simulation, or data mining.