Senior Editor: Mark Keil

Georgia State University
Retired; no longer accepting new manuscripts

Term: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020

Research Interests

I am a behavioral researcher. My own research tends to focus on managerial decision making within the IT project management context and includes work on:

  • Preventing IT project escalation
  • Identifying and managing IT project risks
  • Improving IT project status reporting
  • I have also done research in the following areas:
  • Managing IT implementation and overcoming barriers to system use
  • Health information technology
  • Digital inequality

Methodological Interests

I am open to a variety of research methods and can handle both quantitative and qualitative papers. However, I am most comfortable with experiments, case studies, grounded theory research, and survey research, probably in that order.


I do not have a strong background in the following:

  • Analytical modeling
  • Big data analytics
  • Econometrics
  • Design science

Personal Style and Preferences

  • I generally prefer to handle empirical papers rather than pure theory papers, methods papers, issues and opinion type papers, or review articles.
  • I prefer papers that are well-refined prior to submission because I feel that these are the ones that are most likely to survive the review process and least likely to be desk rejected.
  • I like papers that are well written and engaging to read, where the work is well motivated and the contribution to existing knowledge is clear. I especially like papers that bring theories and concepts from psychology and decision making into the realm of IS and apply them to known problems in the information systems area with the potential to generate novel insights both in IS and in the reference discipline.