Associate Editor: Juhee Kwon

City University of Hong Kong

Term: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022

Research Background and Interests

My research interests broadly include information security, healthcare IT, economics of information systems, IT investment, and social/organizational impacts of information systems. My studies focus on an organization’s IT and security strategies as the decision variables that influence its performance depending on diverse organizational factors (e.g., organizational learning or IT maturity). I also have interests in healthcare policy research considering the impact of organizational and government policies on cost, quality, and outcomes related to healthcare.

My research mainly adopts an organization-level unit of analysis both theoretically and empirically. Some of my research has been conducted at individual levels to identify customer reaction to a firm’s information risk management. Thus, I am comfortable handling papers concerned with the impacts of information systems at various levels of analysis. Likewise, while much of my research has focused on security and healthcare, I am interested in handling papers on various other topics too.

Research Methods

Methodologically, my training is largely in quantitative research methods with a variety of econometric methodologies based on secondary archival data and natural experiments from observational data. However, based on my own study and research experience, I am willing to handle papers employing both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore the conditions of success and impacts of IT strategy and information risk management in various contexts (e.g., healthcare, social media, and other business contexts).