Associate Editor: Nirup Menon

George Mason University

Term: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2021

Research Background and Interests

I subscribe to the economics and econometrics perspective in my research on information systems, but I have also engaged in behavioral and design science research. While a large part of my research has focused on the business value of IT and of health IT, I have also conducted research in information security, privacy, and online platforms such as crowdsourcing. I also have some experience in public policy research, particularly in the healthcare industry. I do not have a strong background in the philosophy of the science of information systems, nor in grounded theory.

Most of my research is at the firm-level unit of analysis, both theoretically and empirically. Some of my work has been at the product and individual levels of analysis.

Methodological Interests

I use secondary data and econometric analysis often in my own research, but I have also collected primary data using surveys and have conducted structural equation method analysis as well. Though I do not conduct research on data mining, I am comfortable with data mining techniques based on my teaching experience.