Senior Editor: Shaila M. Miranda

University of Oklahoma

Term: January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2021

Research Background and Interests

My passion is studying digital collectives, i.e., collectives unified by their interest in a focal technology or whose mutual engagement is mediated by a technological platform. I am particularly interested in how collectives make sense of their environments, influence sensemaking by others in their environment, and govern themselves. A core theme across my research projects therefore is the existential problem of shared meaning. A secondary theme is how collectives self-organize.
My recent research forays have been in two areas. First, I study community-wide sensemaking about new technologies, which is a key element in current perspectives on innovation diffusion. Here, I am particularly interested in emergence and impacts of discourse schemas and topics. Second, I investigate digital advocacy and activism, focusing especially on framing and self-organization in unstructured collectives. This stream advances our understanding of the role of ICTs in addressing societal challenges.

Research Methodologies

My recent work is based mainly on unstructured archival data and combines qualitative and quantitative approaches to analysis. Recently used methodologies include case studies, grounded theory, and computationally-intensive theory development. I also have conducted surveys and experiments in the past.

Personal Strengths, Preferences, and Limitations

I have a background in sociology and particularly enjoy reading macro-level research. I have a personal preference for the novel – for use of emergent theories, ground-breaking methods, or the development of insights gleaned from deep engagement with data. I understand the challenges authors face in situating such manuscripts in existing literature, explicating their methods, and highlighting their contributions. I am inclined to work with such authors who are pushing the envelope on theoretical contributions. For authors treading a more well-beaten path, I have a strong preference for manuscripts that are coherent and well-developed. My skills do not include advanced econometrics or analytical modeling.