Senior Editor: Sunil Mithas

University of South Florida

Term: June 1, 2018 – December 31, 2023

Research Background and Interests:
My research focuses on understanding how information technology (IT) resources should be managed to improve performance and to create and sustain competitive advantage. Much of my work is at the firm level, but I am also interested in individual, industry or country-level studies.

In terms of topics, I am interested in issues related to synchronizing IT and strategy, IT-enabled transformations, digital innovations, managing emerging technologies, IT-related intangibles, IT governance, and execution of IT projects.

In terms of methods, my own research uses primary and secondary data that uses econometric methods. I do not conduct research using analytical modeling or qualitative approaches but I am appreciative of that work. Having said that, authors may be better off nominating SEs who are more qualified than me to handle analytical modeling or qualitative papers.

Personal Style and Tendency in Editing and Reviewing:
I do believe in careful pre-screening of papers so that we send out only those papers for full review that stand a good chance of conversion into a publication to preserve precious review resources. I have generally found that papers submitted to journals after they have been presented at conferences and refined using the feedback from the review process and presentations tend to do better than those submitted without such provenance. I do expect that papers submitted to MIS Quarterly will make a diligent effort to articulate how the insights of the paper help to improve our understanding of information systems and digitization broadly interpreted.

I am also interested in papers that are motivated by strong policy or managerial implications even if such papers draw inferences based on noisy or less than perfect data or methods. Of course, given MISQ’s editorial objectives, I expect such practically motivated papers to connect with relevant academic knowledge and also make a scholarly contribution.