Associate Editor: Ning Nan

University of British Columbia

Term: January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020

Research Background and Interests My research centers on information-driven adaptive behaviors in sociotechnical systems. I often draw on complexity research concepts, such as complex adaptive systems, emergence, nonlinearity, and self-organization as the theoretical grounding. I believe that testable research models (instead of metaphors) based on the complexity concepts are key to managing and harnessing complexity resulted from information-driven adaptive behaviors. Below are the phenomenon domains I am familiar with:

  • Teams: technology-supported collaborative interactions in teams
  • Organizations: organizational-level IT use patterns and outcomes as a consequence of individual-level technology use actions and interactions
  • Communities: organizing dynamics in decentralized online communities
  • Ecosystems: collaboration and competition of interdependent firms in a supply chain, a digital business market, or a technology platform.

Methodological Interests

I have used agent-based simulation, case study, archival data, and experiment in my own research. I welcome papers that apply mixed methods or new research methods to enrich our understanding on information technology.