Associate Editor: Ilan Oshri

University of Auckland

Term: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2021

Research Interests

My main line of research has focused on distributed work through the application of various social science lenses. Within this broad domain, I studied various strands pertaining to: coordination, knowledge processes, expertise, social ties, organisational controls and innovation. In most of these studies, my interest was (i) to give meaning to the dynamic nature of the relationships between people, technologies and tasks, and (ii) to understand how people actions and technologies affect performance.

Research Methodologies:

I am mainly open to qualitative research method. In terms of qualitative research, I have used grounded theory, ethnographic, narrative, historical, and visual approaches and therefore would have particular interest in papers using similar method.

My Vision as an AE

I would prefer papers that are well grounded in theory and those that shed light on latest developments in IS in terms of technologies and business models. I am in favor of ‘borrowing’ theories from other disciplines and using/adapting them to the IS context.