Senior Editor Emeritus: Jeffrey Parsons

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Retired; no longer accepting new manuscripts

Term: January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2020

Research Background and Interests

My main research interest broadly address the question of how to design and implement information systems that meet the needs of stakeholders. Within that broad scope, my work has focused on the following areas:

Systems Analysis and Design

  • Designing conceptual modeling grammars that reflect how humans conceptualize real-world phenomena
  • Empirical evaluation of conceptual modeling grammars
  • The effect of cognitive heuristics on the reuse of IT artifacts

Data Management

  • Database design to accommodate emerging and unknown uses of information
  • Design and evaluation of crowdsourcing and user-generated content applications
  • Data quality in open information environments
  • Using cognitive and ontological theory to better understand the semantics of data

Recommender Systems

  • Design and evaluation of systems that incorporate novel kinds of information to provide effective recommendations

Methodological Interests

I am most familiar with design science research methods. I am also familiar with experimental design (both lab and field settings) and, to a lesser extent, survey methods. I also can handle papers that use analytic methods. However, I do not feel qualified to handle papers based on SEM, papers that employ qualitative research methods. or papers that are based on research methods from economics.

Other Comments

I believe the strongest work in papers in IS deal with properties of the IT artifact that influence or are influenced by other phenomena being studied. In such cases, the research results cannot be equally valid or interesting if the system or artifact is simply replaced with some other (non-IS) phenomenon. In addition, I believe that, where, possible, IS research that can inform research in other disciplines, should be encouraged.