Reprint Permissions

When requesting reprint permission, please specify the material from MIS Quarterly you wish to use and specify how the material will be used.

Pre-print Articles

MIS Quarterly holds copyright to pre-print articles, which are made available to our direct online subscribers. The file may not be posted on any other website, including the author’s site.

Books (Including Textbooks)

A minimum fee of $500.00 per article will be charged, and the number of articles may not exceed 25% of the total content of the book. If more than the 25% limitation is to be used, this must be negotiated further.

The usual fee for use of a figure or table is $150.00.

Course Packs, Journals, and Dissertations

Permission to reprint articles from MIS Quarterly in course packs is required but is granted at no charge.

Permission to reprint content (figures, tables, quotes) in a journal article or dissertation is required but is granted at no charge. Please give the title of your work, author name(s), and the name of the university (for dissertations) or journal (for articles).

Please do not post MIS Quarterly articles on open-access websites.

Permission may be obtained through Copyright Clearance Center

Institutional Repositories

MIS Quarterly gives permission to authors to have their published articles included on an institutional repository subject to an embargo of five years from publication date. MIS Quarterly retains copyright of the articles, and the repository may not sell access to the work.

For reprint permission, contact MIS Quarterly at