Associate Editor: Liangfei Qiu

University of Florida

Term: January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2022

Reviewer of the year, 2019

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the transformational role of information technology (IT) and digitalization in the design of innovative business models, with an emphasis on social technologies and IT-enabled networks. Applying both analytical and empirical methodologies, I investigate the impact of emerging IT-enabled business models on firm strategies and consumer behavior from three aspects:

  • Social networks and social media platforms: I examine how social technologies have dramatically changed the landscape of social interaction, media outreach, consumer behavior, and business competition. Specific topics include the impact of digital trust, knowledge sharing on social and healthcare platforms, peer influence in location-based networks, and observational learning in social networks.
  • Wisdom of crowds and prediction market: This stream of my research lies in the business use of social technologies and IT-enabled networks. Combining the wisdom of crowds with social networks, I examine the impact of social networks on prediction market performance.
  • Telecommunications network: I focus on innovative business models in telecommunications networks (such as sponsored data, smart data pricing, and mobile data offloading) and their impact on policymaking.

Methodological Expertise:

Methodologically, I have expertise in, and can serve as an AE for papers using: econometric and statistical analysis, field and laboratory experiments, machine learning-based causal inference, and analytical modeling. I also have some knowledge of textual analysis and data mining although I am not an expert in them. I would not be a suitable AE, however, for papers using qualitative methods and case studies.