Senior Editor Emeritus: Arun Rai

Georgia State University
Retired; no longer accepting new manuscripts

Term: January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2020

Research Interests

I have focused my research on how organizations can leverage information technologies in their strategies, inter-firm relationships, products and processes; how digital and healthcare inequities in society can be addressed; and how systems can be successfully developed, implemented and used.

My research has been interdisciplinary with an emphasis on the role of information systems in phenomena and in addressing business or societal problems. My work has spanned network, firm, team, and individual levels of analyses.

My recent projects have been concerned with: 1) the use of IT to innovate a variety of inter-firm processes including supply chains, healthcare delivery, sourcing, internal controls, and new product development, 2) IT-enabled business models, strategies, and capabilities and the governance of IT resources, 3) interventions to address the digital and health divides, and 4) management of outsourced and offshore development projects.

Preferred Research Methods

I am open to any research method but have a preference for those research methods that I have used in my research that include longitudinal field surveys, experiments, multivariate and econometric analysis applied to archival and survey data, social network analysis, and case studies.