Associate Editor: Jui Ramaprasad

University of Maryland

Term: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2022

Research Interests

My research interests are around impact of digital platforms—different types of platforms, IT-enabled features on these platforms, and social activity on these platforms—on user participation, interaction, consumption, and payment. My work examines these phenomena in the context of online music/digital goods and online dating. I have recently become interested in looking beyond the impact of these digital platforms on economic outcomes to the impact on social outcomes, including social justice outcomes and race and gender bias.

Research Methods

Methodologically, I work with individual-level quantitative observational data, as well as primary data from field experiments and lab experiments. I am comfortable handling papers that use any of these methods. I have also done some qualitative work, and if the research question or research context is aligned with my expertise, then I would be happy to handle papers using qualitative or mixed methods approaches as well. I am less qualified to handle analytical modeling papers.

Other Comments

One of the exciting aspects of working in Information Systems is that we can draw on different underlying disciplines. I am interested in this interdisciplinary work, but at the same time, I believe that we have to acknowledge and build on the work of the base discipline. Hence, I look to see that work is thoughtful in this respect.

I don’t have a preference for one type of structure or style, but I look for papers that are “whole” – where the contribution is clear and interesting, the “why” of the findings established in the paper is salient through strong theoretical motivation and/or through robust (but not overwhelming) empirical analysis, and the implications are salient.