Associate Editor: Jan Recker

University of Cologne

Term: January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2018

Research Interests

My research interests fall broadly into three areas:

Digital Innovation

  • Technology-driven entrepreneurship and venture creation
  • The use and impact of innovation-focused technology solutions
  • Transformational effects of emergent technology on work processes and individuals

Information Systems Analysis and Design

  • Understanding analysis and design practices in industry
  • Conceptualizations of technological and organizational systems and domains
  • Systems development methodologies

IT and Environmental Sustainability

  • Design research on “green” information systems
  • Using Information Systems to make organizations more sustainable
  • Using technology to nudge individuals into eco-friendly decisions

Research Methodology

My levels of analysis are mostly behavioral or organizational. I have used a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods; but most of my own research is quantitative in nature (experiments and surveys). Many of my studies contain some elements of mixed method designs. I also have some interest in design research.

  • Quantitative methods and analysis (Survey and Experiments)
  • Positivist and interpretive case studies including grounded theory
  • Mixed method research

Knowledge Boundaries

I do not have strong expertise in philosophical matters or grounded theory research. I also do not possess deep knowledge in econometric or other purely quantitative data analysis (e.g., social network analysis or data mining).