Senior Editor: Saonee Sarker

Lund University, Sweden

Term: January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2021
Outstanding Associate Editor, 2015

Research Background and Interests:

I am a behavioral researcher, and am happy to handle a wide range of topics under this banner. My own research interests have been (and are) as follows:

  • Collaboration in general, and within software development teams in particular. Within this category, I have worked on topics related to:
    - The offshoring and outsourcing phenomenon (e.g., agility, work-life balance)
    - Understanding technology adoption and usage within such environments
    - Issues such as leadership, knowledge transfer, trust, risk-taking behaviors, among others
    - IT-enabled co-creation within the context of firm-level collaboration
  • Sustainability and Green IS
    - Adoption and implementation of smart meters in households
    - IT-enabled sustainability practices of firms
  • Other broad topics
    - Technostress in healthcare and social media
    - ehealth system implementation
    - Processes pertaining to the adoption and implementation of cloud computing within organizations

Methodological Interests

From a methodological perspective, I have embraced the value of “methodological pluralism,” and have utilized (and am interested in) both quantitative approaches (e.g., laboratory experiments, surveys, and social network analysis) and qualitative approaches (e.g., interpretive case study methodology, and the grounded theory methodology). To continue on with my philosophy of methodological pluralism, in recent times, I am increasingly subscribing to the practice of multi-method studies.

I would like to note that I have very little background on econometric modeling or on design science.