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Our future plans for this resource include the following possibilities:

The inclusion of more survey instruments that have been developed and used in a psychometrically rigorous fashion, and published in a refereed outlet. Posting of instruments is greatly facilitated if they can be provided to us with permission from the copyright holder (typically the publishing journal) as well as in a web-based format.

Continual scanning of the literature to identify refereed IS articles that use surveys.

Establishment of links to courses and materials that teach survey research or have a significant survey research component -- in IS or other disciplines.

Incorporation of a full construct coding scheme and coding of instruments using this scheme. In addition, ranking of instruments as to their rigor would also be desirable. Thus an entry with would be "better" than one with only . Further, a citation reporting initial instrument development should be distinguished from just follow-on use -- say using different color check marks.

Reviews of our existing surveys -- perhaps done via student assignments in a graduate research methods course. With enough support, a "contest" could be held where students from courses at different universities could contribute reviews which would be adjudicated by qualified faculty.

An Under Construction section where psychometrically rigorous surveys that have been developed but not yet published can be presented. This would decrease the "lag" in research by letting researchers know what was in progress. A template for presenting such instruments would need to be developed.

Following on the Under Construction theme, actual data could be made available at this site both as a resource for researchers and as a learning tool for those wishing to try various types of data analysis on survey data. In this vein pointers could be added to other sites which promote research collaboration and the sharing of data (e.g. the investigation of laptop computer adoption at the St. Joseph's Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana).

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