A Live, Web-Based Survey Instrument

With the increasing use of the World Wide Web not only to present but to collect information, we are pleased to provide an illustration of how survey data can actually be gathered via the Web. While we cannot endorse this instrument -- as it is not part of ISWorld nor MISQ Discovery -- or claim it is the same as its paper and pencil version, we nonetheless think it's a very interesting example of the Web's potential to collect data.

The instrument that you will see here is in actual use right now and if you wish you may respond as a participant. It investigates computer course experiences as these may relate to attitudes about tests and academic achievement attributions. You can suspend your responding at any time.

The questionnaire starts by clicking on this consent form.

We wish to thank Dr. John Mueller in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary for providing this instrument. For further information Dr. Mueller can be contacted by e-mail as: mueller@acs.ucalgary.ca