Senior Editor: Anthony Vance

Virginia Tech

Term: June 1, 2021 – June 30, 2024

Outstanding Associate Editor, 2018

Research Background and Interests:

My research focuses on how to help individuals and organizations to improve their cybersecurity posture, particularly from behavioral and organizational perspectives. I also am very interested in a wide variety of NeuroIS approaches to studying IS phenomena.

My research typically falls within the following four streams:

  • NeuroIS applications to cybersecurity
  • User interface design to improve secure behaviors
  • Information security policy compliance of individuals
  • Governance of cybersecurity at the executive and board levels

Methodological Interests:

I have most often used experimental and survey approaches in my research. I am also interested in a wide variety of NeuroIS methods. Methods in this category that I have used in my own work include fMRI, eye tracking, mouse cursor tracking, and EEG. Finally, I appreciate qualitative research of all genres, including mixed methods. My own work has included interpretive and grounded theory approaches, with data collected using observation, interviews, and focus groups.

I do not have strong expertise in the following areas:

  • Econometrics
  • Design science
  • Data mining, simulations, and other computational data analysis methods

Preferences in Reviewing:
Because of my respect for the time of all concerned, I prefer to desk reject papers that are not sufficiently developed or do not show potential to make a substantial contribution. In some cases, I invite authors to improve certain aspects of the paper before sending a manuscript out for review.

Following the editorials of Detmar Straub, “Type II Reviewing Errors and the Search for Exciting Papers,” and Arun Rai, “Avoiding Type III Errors: Formulating IS Research Problems that Matter,” I value fresh research ideas and approaches that address significant real-world problems over methodological excellence.

In all cases, I believe research should be well-motivated and clearly articulate research contributions. For this reason, I place heavy emphasis on the abstract, introduction, and discussion sections of papers.