Associate Editor: Heng Xu

American University

Term: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2021

Research Background and Interests:

My main research interest is on information privacy. Within the privacy realm, I was trained as a behavioral researcher, but have also engaged in the design and analytical aspects of research. Thus, I am open to handling most privacy topics. My own research is now focused on understanding privacy dynamics in the real-world population and integrating this understanding into technological designs, with a vision of “making tech that matters”.

During 2013-2016, I served as the program director for several interdisciplinary research programs at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Much of my work at NSF focused on facilitating novel interdisciplinary research between Computer Science and Social Sciences, to address major challenges in Big Data and Cybersecurity. I also served on a broad spectrum of national leadership committees including the National Privacy Research Strategy Forum (2014-2016), the Federal Cybersecurity R&D Strategic Plan (2016), and the National Academies Committee on Open Science (2017). These activities have given me additional insights across government, academia, and industry.

Methodological Interests:

I was trained as a quantitative researcher with expertise in collecting and analyzing “design data” originated from surveys or experiments designed with statistical rigor. Recently I have also engaged in collecting and analyzing “organic data” that are generated organically without explicit research design, e.g., data originated from mobile applications, social interactional data from social networking sites, Twitter feeds, etc. I have a strong interest in papers that extend our knowledge of methods by combining “design data” and “organic data” in research design.