Senior Editor: Sean Xin Xu

Tsinghua University

Term: January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2021

The ultimate goal of my research is to identify ways to effectively extract IT’s business value. To that end, I conduct research in two areas: digital enablement (understanding IT’s capabilities to digitally transform business and improve business performance) and IT governance (ensuring that IT capabilities are well aligned with business objectives).

Digital enablement
I am interested in how to leverage “digital enablement” to improve business performance. My research has dealt with digitally-enabled supply chains, customer services, firm innovations, and financial reporting, etc. Along with the emerging of “new” digital technologies, my research interests have covered internet technologies, enterprise systems, and social media, and now focus on analytics. Currently, I am most interested in social analytics (e.g., recommendation), financial analytics (e.g., robo-advising), and education analytics (e.g., personalized training).

IT governance
I am interested in how to effectively govern the lifecycle of IT investment. IT lifecycle spans IT investment decision-making, system implementation and use, and finally realization of IT payoff. In this area, my research program has focused on the mechanisms underlying organizations’ IT decision-making, impacts of corporate/IT governance arrangements on IT investment and payoff, and the co-evolution of IT with complementary resources.

Regarding methodology, I mainly used quantitative methods including econometrics, survey, experiment, and archival methods in my own research projects. Applications of analytics methods are becoming an integral part of my recent works.